This fabric is Midnight Sparkling Black velvet … a very Plush Luxury Round Bed !!
The Curved Bench is a optional Cost add on , that is so practice, and sits so comfortable !!
Our Step-pedestal is an optional cost feature that enhances the bed design, and
( Lets you put a woman on a pedestal right ?? ) pleasant to step on !!

You get the 8 mirrored bookcase headboard, factory installed laminated mirrors.
You get Canopy mirror, .. made of safety plex-a-mirror .. easy to install in canopy.
You get Big 12″ thick King Round Mattress, quilted both sides, and Plush top 1 1/2″
thick and special under texturing, for a great sleeping bed !! .. last for many years of sleep comfort .
The New LED canopy light show unit is a Optional feature, … and so Exciting !!
It will do 47 different light show effects, with your own wireless controlled selection pad … absolutely awesome !!
Easy to assemble, and ships on 1 pallet, boxed and banded for world wide shipping, ..and we have special Discounted freight rates for you.
We make Round Linens to properly fit your round bed, and many colors and styles to fit your desires !! … of high quality and long life beauty !! .. very affordable !!

Call for your pricing and details … we do not publish prices on webpages.